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Writing essay is highly daunting task students at every educational level, as carries discussion about particular matters or represents short argument or statement on specific topic. There are various characteristics and types of essays such as argumentative, comparison, Persuasive and others. It is necessary for students before essay writing to clearly understand the basic requirements and important aspects of to write custom essay. Writing on distinctive topic helps students to enhance their writing skills as well as they also learn to effectively evaluate their opinions and ideas. Essay is different from research paper as it is based upon expression of personal and creative thoughts of individuals. The rules are elaborated here to provide students efficient essay writing help.

Instructions for organizing essay

  • Before getting start with writing it is essential to clearly understanding the requirements of instructors such as specific type of essay, topic and other aspects
  • Consider the field of study carefully and be focused on developing factual based opinions and ideas for particular topic
  • Outline your essay to illustrate idea or argument you will present
  • It must be comprise of three basic parts including introduction, idea that support the thesis and finally conclusion to summarize thoughts
  • Try to avoid waffling in beginning paragraph of thesis and immediate present focus of readers over issue
  • Effectively present one suggestion in each paragraph to make your arguments stronger
  • Always use linking words in the beginning of paragraph; it facilitates readers to follow the main approach of thesis
  • All the sources used for gathering information about topic should be highlighted
  • All the arguments mentioned in thesis must be logical and relevant to topic
  • Always make use of precise words and maintain accurate grammar usage. It is also necessary to avoid use of sentences that sound direct communication with readers
  • Correctly cite all the sources from which information is extracted, however some essays does not require citation
  • Ending notes must present concise thoughts and issues specifically raised. You can also present recommendations for better future implications
  • After writing proof read it twice to avoid errors and edit it according to the directions of instructors

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