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Things to Reflect on Custom Dissertation Writing

In order to write a dissertation, students need to have understanding about dissertation and its writing rules because dissertation is not a simple paper and has specific format and language structure. Therefore, it is very important for students to have sample knowledge about dissertation writing help. For every chapter or part of dissertation, there are specific rules, parameters, and guidelines that must be followed for every kind of dissertation. These guidelines or rules are discussed below according to order of dissertation chapters.

Rules for Chapter One - Introduction

Introduction is the first and the foremost chapter in the dissertation. Therefore, introduction should contain the following elements:

  • Explanation about dissertation topic
  • Information and argument about the magnitude of research issue
  • Connection of main heading with sub-headings
  • Cope reader with the accommodating information
  • Properly cited if required according to specified reference style
  • Appropriately finished with proper presentation

Rules for Chapter Two Literature Review

Literature review is the second chapter and heart of the whole Dissertation. Considering this significance, literature review should have the following elements:

  • Suggestion for theoretical framework or approaches
  • Appropriate description and analysis prior studies
  • Argument and analysis of prior researches
  • Apt determination of answers of the ultimate goals or research issue
  • Visible association to the dissertation question or hypothesis

Rules for Chapter Three Methodology

Methodology is the third chapter and road map of a dissertation, as it explains what way or method to choose for conducting dissertation. Thus, methodology should have certain fundamental components:

  • Clearly depict the methodology used to conduct research
  • Evidently justify the data collection methods
  • Appropriately outline the procedure of analyzing data
  • Consists of number of references according to specified referencing style
  • Endow with the description about research design and its validity
  • Provide details about population, sample size and observations used to conduct research
  • Include description about question guide, interviews, and observations
  • Comprised of description about statistical analysis and test performed

Rules for Chapter Four - Findings

Finding or result presentation is the fourth and climax of the dissertation. Therefore, findings or result presentation chapter should possess the following mentioned attributes:

  • Address the results from data analysis
  • Do not discuss other research literature or findings implications
  • Outline the conducted descriptive or exploratory analyses
  • Demonstrate the result of tested hypothesis
  • Consists of charts and figures including their summaries
  • Organized by the themes and categories
  • Include analytical profile of participant and direct quotations
  • Provide information from field notes or interpretive data

Rules for Chapter Five - Discussion

Discussion is the fifth chapter and discusses the findings of the dissertation. Discussion should be composed of the factors mentioned below:

  • Hold the connotation and purpose of findings
  • Details in respect of theoretical framework
  • Discuss literature review (chiefly with qualitative research)
  • Converse about rational implication of study
  • Embrace limitation of the study and proposed future research

Rules for Chapter Six Conclusion and Recommendation

Conclusion and recommendation is the sixth and concluding chapter of the dissertation. This chapter aims to conclude the dissertation by testing the hypotheses. Therefore, it should have the following attributes:

  • Include summary of whole research or dissertation
  • Consists of strong and good written closing sentences
  • Discuss about support for an idea if any

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