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Custom Writing Types for Academic Students

Considering different types of writing papers assigned to students during their academic careers, it can be said that writing flawlessly is not easy for students without having professional writing skills. Following is the brief overview of all sort of writing types and services encountered by students during their educational life:

  • Essay Writing

    It requires incorporation of concepts and ideas in the form of paragraphs, which require students to hone different skills such as reading, analysis, comparison, and exposition
  • Dissertation Writing

    It is a usual requirement of academic programs to complete it successfully and it is more than an instrument for assessing skills of students
  • Thesis Writing

    Purpose of thesis writing is to demonstrate sound questions while conducting primary research for evidence to answer questions
  • Assignment Writing

    It requires to provide the specific requirements regarding topic being assigned by tutors and it may also include case study and quantitative projects
  • Coursework Writing

    It is assigned to students so as to reflect proper sufficient understanding through extensive research on the topic and it may also include business plans
  • Term Paper Writing

    This type of paper is assigned during terms covering specific subject area
  • Research Paper Writing

    This paper requires students to reflect their researching skills along with writing skills relevant to the topic assigned
  • Book Report Writing

    Students are required to reflect the review on books being assigned to students while considering each element covered in the book
  • Creative Writing

    It is assigned to enhance the creative skills within students and it mostly covers reflective writing, which includes other types of writing such as presentation or speech, movie review, article writing, resume writing, ghostwriting, biographies, and web content
  • Annotated Bibliography

    It is provided to students when they are required by their teachers to provide a short description of used sources in their papers
  • Editing

    It is required by students to ensure the flawless flow of information within their papers before submission
  • Rewriting

    This service is required by students when their papers are not created up to the mark and need to be re-written
  • Proofreading

    It ensures that the information provided is in the flow and relevant to the topic or question being assigned
  • Database Creation

    It is required by technology students to reflect their understanding with the use of databases being studied during their course
  • Programming

    It is also required by students of technology so as to provide complete understanding regarding programming languages

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