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Custom Dissertation Writing

Custom dissertation is a structured piece of writing that is also known as an independent learning project, extended essay or final year project, which is very broad in attributes and characteristics. We offer a variety of writing opportunities to the learner in further development of their subject expertise, social research, scholarly and practiced abilities. Thus, such type of investigative study paper has different forms, particular structure, own arrangement and layout, specific length, and long research process, which provides help to student for coming up with successful accomplishment .

Forms of Study Papers

The custom dissertation paper can be alienated into two major forms:

  • Empirical research based
  • Literature-based

These two forms of dissertation are conducted on a particular concern and they provide a study of respective research question reliance to social policy respectively.

Important Structure of Such Comprehensive Paper

The structure of study based paper is based on its forms and to achieve better guidance the structure is given below:

    Empirical Research Based Dissertation

    The structure of empirical research based dissertation is integrated with the following sections:
    • Abstract or Summary
    • Introduction consists of research question and structure
    • Literature review
    • Methodology including research methods
    • Findings and Analysis
    • Discussion and Implications
    • Conclusion
    • References and Appendix

    Literature-Based Dissertation

    The sections include in the literature-based dissertation are as follows:
    • Abstract or Summary
    • Introduction consists of explanation of purpose, research question and description about structure
    • Literature review consists of critical analysis, theories and concepts related to research question
    • Methodology and research selection consists of kinds of methods for conducting the research
    • Discussion and Implications
    • Conclusion
    • References and Appendix

Research Process of Custom Paper

The research process encompasses the following steps:

  • Selection of a topic
  • Making research question to research
  • Methodology for conducting research in the paper
  • Collection of empiricist evidences
  • Interpretation of evidences
  • Use of critical or criticality approach

Arrangement and Layout of Customized Paper

In the arrangement and layout, following things are necessary to consider:

  • Avoid to include too much content in each page
  • Apply 1.5 or double-spacing
  • Apply 12pt normally as font size
  • Apply 3cm on all margins
  • Leave a space between paragraphs
  • Appropriate tables and figure
  • Accurate spelling and punctuation
  • Provide page numbers
  • Proper heading and sub-headings

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